Dead Sea Scrolls.

My wife documents every one of our trips in books she calls the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'. A term coined by her Aunt Vicki whose been making them for years. Vic took on the mantle of writing the Dead Sea Scrolls two years again on our honeymoon in Antigua. Vic not only writes about our adventures but will also add pictures she draws or stickers. When we went to Italy, for example, she drew the cathedral in Amalfi. That was one of her greatest feats according to her and I'd have to agree. She's even been known to make charts and maps to tell her story. She can get a little obsessed and panics when she falls behind by a day or two as she worries she might forget something worth remembering. As time goes on the books become more and more fun to read as she attempts to outdo herself from vacation to vacation. It's been such a fun way to remember our adventures and I look forward to her making more in the future. One day, hopefully, our kids will enjoy them as much as we have.